Nintendo Direct 9/13 Thoughts and Impressions

Nintendo used their Direct today to showcase their upcoming Switch and 3DS titles aimed at releases throughout the rest of the year and early next year.  While some were duped into thinking there might be Smash Bros. info, I myself was baited by a troll retweet from a beloved game developer that there may be some Bayonetta news.  Either way, the Direct delivered quite a bit and left some to be desired in other aspects.  I won’t be going over everything, as there was a lot of information mentioned that was already known, but I will touch on all the bigger announcements.

Nintendo 3DS

  1. Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon: Nintendo reconfirmed that the new entry will focus on Necrozma’s interactions with Solgaleo and Lunala, whilst having numerous new additions to the game to keep it fresh and interesting.  The biggest announcement is probably the New 2DS XL Pokeball edition that launches prior to the games on November 3.pokemonds
  2. Kirby Battle Royale: Kirby is getting a neat new game packed with multiple mini-games along with a single player and online multiplayer mode on January 19. This is in addition to the mainline switch title that was announced at E3.
  3. Mario Party: The Top 100I don’t like or enjoy Mario Party in the slightest, but it’s difficult to ignore the nostalgia from I get from the original N64 titles. Nintendo’s bringing back the top 100 mini-games across every single Mario Party game, and it’s sure to delight fans of the series.  Everyone can party to their heart’s content on November 10.
  4. Orange and White New 2DS XL: We may never know why both colors of the new system didn’t release simultaneously, but Nintendo is finally giving North America the system some fans were hoping to get originally.   This 2DS XL lands in stores on October 6.

Nintendo also announced details about a 3DS Minecraft port, a port of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, several different Atlus RPGs and new Yokai Watch 2 content. I think it’s a healthy way to round out the system announcements aside from reminding us about games like Metroid: Samus Returns and other titles that we already are aware of and are so close to releasing.

Nintendo Switch

Switch software was clearly the biggest winner from the Direct and had quite a few surprises.

  1. Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Alongside a new trailer, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is also getting an awesome themed Pro Controller as well as a special edition that comes with a soundtrack, steel book case and 220-page artbook.  The trailer also did a much better job at coherently explaining the battle system and introducing the world than any of the Gamescom demos I watched. I think the price is a bit hefty at $99.99 but it’s cool that the hardcore fans have a cool edition of the game if they so choose. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 arrives on December 1. xenoblade2
  2. Fire Emblem Warriors Lyn Announcement: I never thought anyone could instantly defeat Persona 5, Nier: Automata, and Breath of the Wild for my game of the year contender but announcing my favorite Fire Emblem character is a pretty good way to do it.  In all seriousness the game will hopefully be a bit more diverse in roster and hopefully won’t be “Fire Emblem Warriors: Awakening and Fates Edition featuring Marth.” Nintendo let us know that not only are the conscious of fan demand, they devoted a whole minute and a half to letting us know about one character roughly 5 weeks prior to the game’s launch. This Warriors title is still set for October 20.lyn (1)
  3. Arena of Valor: A MOBA is being developed for the Switch.  I don’t really know what to say other than it look’s strikingly similar to League of Legends and will be an eShop exclusive this holiday.
  4. Doom and Wolfenstein 2: Doom for the Nintendo Switch will be a part of the holiday lineup while Wolfenstein 2 will release sometime next year and not in October as it will on PS4 and Xbox One.  I do still think this is quite important as everyone loves to point out how Nintendo systems lack “hardcore” titles.  The fact that Wolfenstein 2 is making it onto the platform hopefully will encourage developers to release and develop their larger AAA titles for Switch as well.
  5. Breath of the Wild Championship Amiibos: We finally got information about what they actually do and when we get our hands on them! In addition to getting special equipment and items, the amiibo will unlock special divine beast helmets relative to the beast they protect.  These amiibo release on November 10, and hopefully the second part of the DLC will launch alongside them.Switch_ZeldaBotW_amiibo-Urbosa_helm
  6. Project Octopath Traveler: In what I think was one of the cooler surprises this Direct, Square Enix is developing a peculiar new RPG for the Switch.  As the title alludes to, there are 8 protagonists each with special talents that let them perform special actions.  As we see in the trailer, one character has the ability to challenge anyone to battle, while another character can lure other characters to other locations.  The game is being helmed by the producers of Bravely Default and sports what the devlopers are calling “HD-2D,” which I think looks fantastic visually.  Theres a demo of the game available for download right now, and I’ll be posting my impressions of it soon. 
  7. Kirby Star Allies: The Kirby title announced at E3 finally has a title! Though not slated until Next Spring, fans get to look forward to making enemies allies and teaming up with 3 other friends for 4 player co-op.  The game definitely seems like it could be one of the more interesting local multiplayer Switch titles.
  8. Super Mario Odyssey: With roughly six weeks until launch, Nintendo showed off several new worlds and even a few story details in a new trailer of what’s shaping up to be the biggest Mario title since Galaxy 2.  I’ll let the trailer speak for itself, but this is game is surely a game of the year contender and anyone who misses the days of Super Mario Sunshine, Mario 64, or Mario Galaxy needs to make sure this is on their radar.  I’m pretty eager to run around the different worlds in a sombrero when the game launches on October 27. A Mario Odyssey Switch bundle with red joy cons, a carrying case and a digital copy of the game will also be releasing alongside the game. I also wrote about my hands-on time with the game at E3 which you can check out here.  

Just as it did in the 3DS segment Nintendo reminded us that there are a plethora of other titles releasing soon as well as several exclusive to the eshop.

I wouldn’t expect another Nintendo Direct for quite some time unless there’s more information to be talked about prior to the holidays, but it was definitely a solid Direct overall in my opinion, even if I’m only looking forward to a handful of what was talked about personally.


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