Thrill of The Hunt

All of the games we love have some meaning behind them.  These meanings are developed through the moments we experience that stick with us, the characters we can’t forget, and the worlds we want to explore continuously.

Monster Hunter harmonizes all three of these concepts into an entity that cannot be replicated.  Its been going strong in Japan for years, and now its popularity is reaching more people all around the world.

Because Monster Hunter X just released in Japan, I thought I would reflect on what Monster Hunter means to me.

Monster Hunter means being pitted against foes that dwarf you in size while trembling with excitement at the thought of taking them down in style.

Monster Hunter means having strange feelings of adoration for a beast that you’re bent on slaying .  It’s hard not to be in awe over the incredible design of the monsters you encounter.  You can’t quite explain it-even if you love them, you’re still fine with taking them down anyways.  Over and over again.


Majestic Ferocity.  Video Screengrab by me

Monster Hunter means playing online and staying up with your friends until 3 in the morning trying to obtain that final Elder Dragon Gem that you need to complete your new weapon.  Your dreams later that night may involve obtaining extra materials that you will realize you don’t have when you wake up.

Monster Hunter means randomly meeting other fans of the series and instantly discussing our favorite weapons and monsters.

Monster Hunter means being serenaded by phenomenal music during every hunt.

Monster Hunter means creating your own story through memorable hunts and unbelievable moments.  There’s very little narrative in the series, and that’s OK.  The hunt, the living environments, the topples, mounts, and the KOs in between all craft memories that motivate you to hunt again and again.  Monster Hunter’s story is the player’s experiences, making no two hunter’s stories exactly alike.


Prime hunting grounds.  Video Screengrab by me.

Monster Hunter means developing superhuman patience.  You’re very aware of the 2% drop rate of the material you’re looking for, but you’ll keep trying anyways.

Monster Hunter means wondering why that felyne will somehow only steal your mega potions.


The face of evil.  Video screengrab by me.


Monster Hunter means being rewarded for your perfect positioning and mechanical ability.  Knowing your prey is only half the battle.  Hunting them effectively will lead to moments like this:

Above all, Monster Hunter means having fun.  Whether it’s playing online with friends, crafting a fashionable armor set, or finally defeating that elder dragon, every one of these aspects is a blast.  Hopefully we’ll be able to start creating memories with Monster Hunter X like Japan in the near future.